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Coding the creativity

It's a magical world ol' pal...Let's go exploring!!

Chintan Parekh
14 July
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Imaginative - Energetic- Curious - Intelligent - Geek - Cynic - Impulsive -Hyperactive -Moody -Loner - Humorous -Contradictory - Passionate - Yeah that's Me!!

I love going out in the first rain of the season just to get rid of heat, trekking the mountains just to see the world from the top, taking an early morning walk in the garden just to take that much needed fresh breeze of air, or gazing at stars at middle night. All this places are so close to the nature that leaves me relaxed.This is exactly what i feel about my lovely journal,a place to express my thoughts,it's an account of my life and much more. An account to Events, friends,people and times that i would like to cherish for a long time.

I'm a geek and I post reviews,news,views about technology, current affairs, politics, football, formula1 and photography. In fact i have a say for everything under the sun.Do not expect intellectual content in my blogs. If you find my view scratchy then just get off -- I'm not paid to be nice to you.

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